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Emily started LA VACA™ in 2012

Founded by Emily Vaca, LA VACA™ is a celebration lifestyle brand and creative design-house that specializes in product design, content creation, styling and branding. Emily started LA VACA™ in 2012 as way to continue creating outside of her day job, which includes 15 years of experience in the advertising and design industry. Originally named Sugar & Gold, Inc – “Sugar” being Emily’s father’s nickname for her since she can remember – the company focused primarily on wedding invitations, event design and décor DIYs. Emily rebranded the company in 2017 under LA VACA after launching the MINNIDIP™, a line of inflatable pools and accessories, self-funded by Emily.

In January 2018 Emily left her full-time job as an Associate Creative Director in the advertising and design industry, where she worked on some of the country's largest brands including Anheuser Busch, Kraft Foods and Nike, to become a full-time entrepreneur to focus full-time on the company’s product development and design services. At LA VACA™, as a solo-preneur, Emily tackles nearly everything including painting and designing the patterns and packaging, art directing photoshoots, fulfilling orders and landing new stockists. 

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