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It is EXTREMELY important that you do not over-inflate a Tufted Minnidip. As explained in the instruction manual, when filled with water, the water pressure expands the pool and stretches it… especially as the vinyl and water warm up in outdoor conditions. If over-inflated, this pressure will compromise the seams and can result in tears on the weld lines. If you exchange your Tufted Minnidip, ensure that you DO NOT OVER-INFLATE or put pressure on the walls by sitting on or straddling them. Please contact the retailer where you purchased your Minnidip for their exchange policy at this time, or submit a support ticket below.

If you don’t see a hole/tear in the vinyl, the first step is to double check the air valves. If they are not completely shut tight with no gap at all, the pool can slowly deflate over time—especially when filled with water. This can be the case especially for the top ring because once filled with water, the water pressure stretches the bottom two rings of the pool and puts tension on the top ring. If it’s not pinched completely shut, this tension can pull it loose… causing the top ring to lose air. First try adding more air through the one way valve of the top ring using your breath (DO NOT use an electric pump when the pool is filled with water) and then pinch it shut completely.

For photo references of what the valve should look like when properly closed. Please visit our HOW-TO page. Photo references are located at the bottom of the page.

If you’re trying to locate an air leak, you can sponge soapy water around the entire pool—most importantly around the seams. Bubbles will appear where air is escaping. You can also put your ear up to each ring to listen if it sounds like air is escaping when you gently squeeze on the ring.

Yes, this is normal when the pool is filled to its max capacity of water just below the top ring. If you fill the pool to this capacity, the water pressure will push the bottom two rings outward and the top ring will appear much smaller.

Minnidip pools are made with heavyweight vinyl so they will be stiff out of the box, especially when the air temperature is cool. The longer they’re out of the box, the more pliable the vinyl will become. We recommend filling the pool up with as much air as possible, closing the valves but not tucking them in yet. Then stretch the rings to form it into a circle so air can get in the creases. Then let it sit for a bit (in the sun or warmer temps, the vinyl will warm up and the air inside will expand) and then add more air through the one-way air valve using your mouth. A few big puffs of air using your mouth will have more power than a pump, so you’ll be able to get it nice and firm by finishing filling it up using your mouth. Then close the valves completely and tuck into the pool

You can use any standard air pump like the ones used to fill an air mattress. We offer one for sale on our site that you can purchase. OR you can use a hairdryer SET TO COOL to fill it up! NEVER use an high-pressure air compressor which will put strain on the seams.

To see videos on how to inflate the pool with a pump or hairdryer, visit our HOW-TO page.

We do not make or recommend covers at this time.

Never use chemicals to clean your pool as it will damage the vinyl and ink. You can use dish soap to clean your Minnidip. Make sure to let it completely air dry before packing it up between uses to prevent mildew.

Never add chlorine to your Minnidip as it can damage the printed pattern and vinyl color, as well as compromise the integrity of vinyl which can cause it to degrade over time. Water should never be left in your Minnidip when not in use and under constant adult supervision to comply with safety regulations.

Sure, we can send an additional repair patch if needed, but you can also use waterproof packing tape (heavy-duty options work best) if you need an immediate solution. If you’d like us to mail a patch, please send a request following the instructions below.

Because of the extreme volume of orders, we are only able to process orders within the order they were received. Additionally, we’re unable to set our shipping speed to individual orders so we only offer ground shipping at this time.

Unfortunately, we only offer shipping within the US at this time because the shipping costs and import duties are more expensive than the items themselves. However, we have stockists outside of the US listed on our International page.

We do not sell Minnidip products on Amazon, Ebay and other reseller sites. Unfortunately, there are counterfeit Minnidips on these sites and similar sites. We cannot offer replacements or refunds on items purchased on these sites, as we’re unable to verify if the item purchased is an authentic Minnidip. If you have a question about a retailer that has Minnidip listed, or you want to make sure they are an authorized retailer, please contact us.

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