the BLUSHING PALMS Minni-Cooler

the BLUSHING PALMS Minni-Cooler

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    The ORIGINAL and FIRST-EVER Scalloped Tufted Cooler, EST 2020

    With the Blushing Palms Minni-cooler , your go-to party cooler… just got cooler! Holds 3 bags of ice and up to 24 cans or bottles with a fun and festive pattern! Now your favorite drinks can take a dip and chill out too! Just add ice!

    26”W x 9”H approx. inflated size
    Features an inflatable bottom
    Approx. Capacity: 30 Quarts

    Designed in Chicago by LA VACA

    PRO TIP: To get your Minnidip Minni-Cooler as round as possible, let the vinyl warm up in the sun first to make it more pliable. The heavyweight Minnidip vinyl is stiff out of the box (especially in colder temps) so let it warm up before and during inflation so you can stretch it to make it round.


    The very first designer inflatable pool and ball pit brand. MINNIDIP™ features festive and colorful, on-trend designs, created for grown-ups as much as kids. No longer will those looking to cool off on hot days have to completely ruin the beauty of stylish outdoor décor with sad blue inflatable pools covered in cartoon fishes and dolphins. 

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